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Tom Brands Wrestling Media Conference

Q. Can Spencer Lee be a leader as a guy that works hard?

TOM BRANDS: Spencer Lee is an awesome ambassador for our program all the way around. The thing is he's still only a true sophomore, 20 years old. We don't expect him to start rah-rah leadership type stuff, stuff that might be out of his comfort zone.


Head Coach Scott Frost  - Illinois Week

On how the defense played Saturday
“They played a good team on Saturday and I thought they battled. Statistically we gave up too many points, we need to get some field goals instead of touchdowns and do better in the red zone.

Overall I think offense and defense both played well enough on Saturday to win a game and I’m not sure you can say that about our special team’s performance.

You’ve got to put all those things together to win football games, and we are getting closer and closer every time we go out.


After a day of competition at St. John’s Invitational duals, the Ohio State Fencing team came away with an even record at 5-5. The Buckeyes faced four of the top ten teams in the nation and highlighted the effort with a 14-13 upset from the men’s unit over defending national champion Columbia.

In addition to the victory against No. 1 Columbia, the No. 2 men’s squad defeated No. 8 St. John’s, 16-11 and No. 7 Harvard, 15-12. As a unit, the team tallied a bout-record of 71-64, but fell head to head against No. 3 Penn State and No. 4 Notre Dame, both by a score of 14-13.


Penn State 
Michigan State 


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